28 01, 2018

Latest topics for IELTS Speaking exam in 2018 with model answers

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House/Accommodation Do you live in a house or an apartment? I live in a terraced house that has a living room, a kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a lovely back garden. It’s not really a spacious house, but it’s just right for me and my family. Do you usually spend time with your family? We [...]

28 10, 2017

Ăn điểm Lexical Resource với bộ 470 từ đồng nghĩa – trái nghĩa “thần thánh”

2017-10-28T20:32:37+00:00 Tháng Mười 28th, 2017|Chuyên mục: WRITING TASK 2, SPEAKING|

Với bộ tài liệu lên đến 470 từ đồng nghĩa - trái nghĩa sau đây, bạn có thể “tạm biệt” nỗi lo lặp từ trong phần thi Speaking - Writing và thẳng tay paraphrase bất kì câu văn nào bạn muốn nhé! WORD SYNONYMS ANTONYMS abandon desert, forsake keep abbreviate shorten, condense lengthen, increase ability skill, [...]

16 11, 2016


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  NAME Who gave you your name? Does your name have any particular (or special) meaning? Do you like your name? In your country, do people feel that their name is very important? Would you like to change your name? Is it easy to change your name in your country? Who usually names babies in your [...]

16 11, 2016


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IELTS Speaking topic: History Do you like (to learn about) history? 2. What historical event do you find most interesting? 3. Do you think history is important? 4. Do you like to watch programmes on TV about history? 5. Do you think you can really learn history from films and TV programmes? 6. Do you think [...]